STN:ORT NEWS 09/2017 (5)


Start of the renovation works on the Mausoleum of Sztynort and

Closing of the exhibtion "Chronicler of our Dreams"

Saturday, 23rd September 2017, 12.00 o'clock in Sztynort Duży





Walk from to the village of Sztynort to the Mausoleum


Ecomenical blessing of the Mausoleum

(Rev. K. Borkowski and Rev. B. Brusiło, mini lecture about the building by dr Jerzy Łapo, and symbolic start of the renovation works with Prof Wolfram Jäger and Matthias Hohl


Walk back to Sztynort


Closing of the exhibition "Chronicler of our Dreams. The Manor of Sztynort 1947-2017"

by its creator dr Hannah Wadle with home made finger food at the manor

From 3.00

socialising and drinks at the manor of Sztynort





Dear Friends of the Manor in Sztynort and supporters of the initiative STN:ORT


we dearly invite you and your family to our event next Saturday afternoon, 23rd September 2017, to the manor of Sztynort and to the Mausoleum of the Lehndorff Family. We will be celebrating one beginning and one end- the start of the renovation works at the historical Mausoleum of Sztynort, which will initiated via an ecomenical consecration, and the closing of the exhibition "Chronicler of our dreams", which we will say goodbye to with home-made fingerfood and a gathering at the manor.


The programme for the afternoon starts at 12.00  at the manor in Sztynort. From there, all attendees will be walking together around Lake Sztynort to the old Mausoleum.The walk takes around half an hour and good shoes, preferably wellies, are recommended. Upon arrival at the Mausoleum, rev. Krystian Borkowski from the protestant parish in Giżycko, and rev. Bogdan Brusiło, from the catholic parish in Radzieje will be giving their blessings for the renovation works of the building. Dr. Jerzy Łapo, archeologist-researcher, blogger, and staff member the Folklore Museum Węgorzewo will introduce the history of the place in a short lecture. The brass quintett and their conductor Krzysztof Bielaszki will be contributing a small musical programme.



The renovation works are supervised by prof Wolfram Jäger,Technical University of Dresden and Jäger Ingenieure GmbH and will be executed by the company Hohlbud  with CEO Matthias Hohl from Pozezdrze. They will bring the historically and architetually precious Mausoleum of Sztynort, planned by the well-known architect Friedrich August Stüler in the 19th century, back to a worthy and secure state. The renovation of the building is facilitated by funds of the German Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media and by donations for Steinort, which prof Wolfram Jäger received for his 65th birthday from his guests. Partners for the renovation are the Deutsch-Polnische Stiftung für Kulturpflege und Denkmalschutz, the Polsko Niemiecka Fundacja Ochrony Zabytków, and the Technical University of Dresden. The building will be open for visitors from summer 2018.




After a walk back to Sztynort, you will be invited to a little home-made snacks at the manor as a farewell for the exhibition "Chonicler of our Dreams". There is also the possibility to visit the exhibition once more before it is stored away upon the arrival of the cold season. This includes time for questions, feedback and for sharing your stories about the manor with the creator of the exhibition, dr Hannah Wadle. Another highlight, for those who haven't seen it yet, is the giant dream catcher in the foyer of the manor, the result of the creative week in August. It is a comunally created talisman for the much loved building in Sztynort. Please take not of the change of dates: For logistic reasons we had to change the date for the closing of the exhibition, originally planned for the 3rd October, to the earlier date in September. We hope you can still make it and thank you for your understanding.


We are hoping to see you next Saturday and once more cordially invite you to the celebration. In the name of all organisers,


Wolfram Jäger and Hannah Wadle.



STNORT.ORG is a project co-funded by and the Technical University of Dresden.

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